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Convert HFS+ ISO image to Hybrid HFS+/ISO9660 ISO image


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Good day


Anyone knows how to do this?


Searching didn't help me


I tried to do this with plenty of programs:


WinISO,PowerISO,MagicISO,UltraISO,TransMAC,MacDrive,ISOBuster,Nero,Disk Utility(MAC),hdiutil(MAC) - for example hdiutil makehybrid -o disk_hybrid.iso macos.iso


and I didn't suceeded


ISOBuster, MagicISO, UltraISO and others show me that this is HFS+ ISO image.

If I convert this image to DMG with Disk Utility this DMG doesn't open in UltraISO and when I convert it to ISO with hdiutil ISO remains the same (HFS+)

I need that it will be boot Hybrid HFS/ISO (this is a MAC OS X 10.4.10 Intel Developer Edition installation disk) becuase, for example Magic ISO can convert him but resulting ISO isn't bootable.


Thanks in advance

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So, I do this way


1. mount -t hfsplus -o loop macosx10.4.10.iso /dev/cdrom0 (successfully)


2. mkisofs -o cd.iso -hfs -hfs-bless "/media/cdrom0/System" -mac-name /media/cdrom0


but resulting image isn't bootable


Anybody knows how to do it right with mkisofs or something else?

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