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Resizing the partition after installation?


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Hey guys, I finally got my xxx 10.4.10 install working, but I've run into a bit of an issue. The install disc did not see the entirely of my 300GB hard drive, and only partitioned it to 128GB. I read about being able to natively resizeVolume in diskutil afterwards and I didn't think this would be a problem,so, I finished the rest of the install. After getting the system going, I manually edited the nforceATA.kext to properly see my drive as 300GB. It worked. Yay!


... but...


diskutil's resizeVolume isn't working because its showing this as an MBR, and not whatever it has to be. So... now what? How can I either resize or add another partition in the rest of the space on this drive? I looked into downloading the Parted Live CD program, but, it can only shrink hfs+ partitions, not make them bigger.


Any ideas?

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