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think i can install this way?


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alright, so heres how it works. I have a 120 GB SeaGate Barracudda HDD, already installed with windows. the tiger-x86-flat.img file is on that hd. i tried moving it to the root of that C drive, downloading Fau and running the dd commands. my cmd kept telling me it was not a recogniseable command. so then I found an alternative install method using a live cd distro of linux. great! I thought this would be perfect cuz i already have a live cd of Ubuntu 7.04. all i had to do is have the image file on a usb HDD. so I thought, why dont I use my iPod? theres at least 10 gigs of free space on there, and i only need 6. so i tried to put the file onto the ipod but the bloody thing is FAT32. which, i happen to find out you cant put files larger than 2 GB on at a time. so heres my idea, and i just need some other advice and feedback if you think this will work.


I have 3 drives. were going to call the X, Y, and Z. drive X is the windows disk, drive Y is a 40 GB maxtor in which i want to install OS X, and Z is another spare with only 20 gb.


Currently, drive X is master and y is slave. my plan is to make X slave temporalily, make Z masterm and install ubuntu to that Z drive. then, from ubuntu, take the image file from X and move it to Z. then, remove X and put Y as the slave. write the image file to that disk from the terminal commands and shut down. then we get rid of z, and put back in X and Y, ( X master, Y slave) boot to windows, install boot loader and hope it works.


so, a little help, does this seem practical? or do you think there might be a much less painful way of doing this?

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