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Re-install of Windows on MBP


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I've got a MacBook Pro with 3 partitions: OSX, Fat32 shared, and NTFS XP Pro (in that order on the disk). I set this up with the help of http://wiki.onmac.net/index.php/Triple_Boot_via_BootCamp because i wanted to have a separate drive for data. This is both so that the two OSes can access it, and because when Windows inevitably gets buggy i like to wipe it and reinstall.


That's what i'm trying to do now, reinstall Windows, but i had forgotten about the part of setting up three partitions that has the second one as effectively hidden (as HFS+) from Windows when it installs and only sets it up as Fat32 after the Windows installation has completed. But since the Fat32 drive is visible to the Windows install process, i get a "Disk error. Press any key to restart..." message after it copies installation files and reboots.


I would prefer not to have to hide the shared drive from Windows, since it would mean backing up the data on the shared drive, wiping it, and replacing it (unless there's a way to make it invisible to the Windows install process without losing the data). Having the data separate, and not having to worry about it when reinstalling Windows, was half the reason for going to the trouble of having 3 partitions. If i have to do that, then i might as well set it up this time as just two and be able to use basic BootCamp functionality to set it up.


I'm wondering if anyone has successfully reinstalled Windows on a 3-partition system and been able to retain the data on the 2nd, shared drive? Any related experience would be much appreciated.

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