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Diskutility can't find my hard drive


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I have tried with VMware 6 and follow pcwiz procedure. I used Jas Mac OSX 10.4.8 with SSE1 & 2

Everything is fine. I saw Mac OS is pretty even in VMware. So I want to install in my pc, but I don't want to deal with bootloader and partition stuff, MBR as I have many data in my 250 GB. So I have bought 80 GB external USB 2.0 hard disk.


I follow pcwiz guide : http://######.com/software/osxusbnative.htm


I took off my internal SATA hard disk to make sure nothing mess up with it.

After I changed BIOS to boot from hard disk first then DVD. When I start my computer, it loads installer, but when I go to Diskutility, I can only see the DVD, not my external hard disk.


I'm sure my computer specs compatible as it works with VMware, but for native external USB hard drive, can't find the hard disk.


Any suggestion?

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