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A little help, please?


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Hi there.


I've just finished the install of "uphuck Mac OS X 10.4.9" and there's a couple of things I can't seem to get to work properly. First of all; I have a Radeon HD2400xt graphics card and I don't know where to find drivers, etc, for it. A little help with that would be appreciated. My mobo has WiFi but I can't that to work either. I've found a blog (http://mckill.ca) which had a link to drivers, but I don't how to install them (lol). With other words, I'm just a {censored} newbie when it comes to OS X so all help will be MUCH appreciated. My specs are as follows:


mobo: Asus P5W Deluxe (i975x chipset)

cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo Q6600

ram: 2 gb DDR2 6400

gpu: Sapphire HD2400xt 256 mb

sound: m-audio FW410



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Oh, it's a Radeon HD2400xt, with the R670 chipset.


Just noticed another thing now - don't know if it's a problem really - OSX says my internal memory speed is as low as 333 MHz, can' that really be? I mean - I've got PC2-6400 which is supposed to be running at 800 MHz.


Thanks for the help Zombiepron, I'll try that.




Now I've gotten the WiFi to work, wasn't that much of a trick really. I downloaded the drivers from Realtek and installed/re-installed them a couple of times. Then I did the configuration and now I'm sitting here on my "Mac" typing this.


And to get the soundcard to work was a walk in the park since it's fully supported, lol. For now, the only thing I'm missing is drivers for my graphics card (1024 * 768 on a 22" screen is somewhat tiresome) and a fix for my RAM so that it will be running at full speed, not 333 MHz. And then again, if anyone of you can offer some help, please do.


One more thing: I can buy/download/whatever Apple Software like iWork, Logic Studio, etc. without messing something up, right? :P


***Update #2***


Now I'll try to install Katana 0.3, which will hopefully allow me to adjust resolution and framerate. Since last update I've noticed something very odd. When starting Transmission (bittorrent-client) the download speed is great, somewhere around 800-1000kbit/s, but the speed drops in just a matter of minutes. And if that wasn't enough - it seems like Transmission is hoggin' ALL the available bandwith which makes surfing a real pain. Can't really figure out what the problem is.




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