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Strange issues...

DJ Tama

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OK. So i have this Dell GX280 Optiplex with a P4 2.5Ghz 775LGA, 915GExpress Chipset (ICH6), 40GB SATA, CD-Drive (Disabled and installed a DVD-RW), and a floppy. Now, this is a small form factor system (desktop) and I cannot add any other type of drives other than bigger SATAs.


Now heres my problem: I can install Windows, I can install Linux/Unix (almost any flavor), and I can run the OSX86 Install. The tricky part comes only with OSX86 and the Disk utility. I can use fdisk, diskpart, everything in the book to partition and set the drive to be written for the MAC. But when it comes down to it, if I try to erase the drive or do any writing (or even let it detect which partition to install on), it gives me a Input/Output error. Sometimes even an "insuffivient Priviledges(sp?)" error.


So... What am I doing wrong?


Oh, and I'm trying to do a full native install. That is MAC OSX86 Only, no other OS installed. If I have to, then I'll prolly do an Ubuntu/OSX86 dual... but I dun wanna...


Please help...

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