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help getting sound to work

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for the past few days i've been trying to get sound working, but have had no luck whatsoever.


the laptop im using is:

Asus W3J+

Soundmax HD Audio (AD1986)

intel ICH7-mobile

using kalyway leopard 10.5 9a527 on one partition

and kalyway tiger 10.4.10 on another partition


i've tried using just azalia, azalia + ac97, just ac97, as well as appleHDApatcher


i've been modifying the info.plist files for each of these but still no sound out of any ports nor build in speakers


Sound is the last thing i need working (besides wlan which i need a new card for) so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I've literally spent days trying to figure this out

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i'm something like as you

also i need help

i tried everything i can such as

AppleAzaliaAudio AppleHDAPatch1.17 Ad1986.app(an application automatically installed the driver)

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