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NEED HELP with my laptop install

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Hi all i just brought a new laptop and really wana get mac osx on it ive beeen reading lots posts here trying to work it out cant get it ot work ;)


My laptop is a Acer Aspire 4520G

Ive got the Jas Mac osx 10.4.8 install and it works cos ive had it runin on anther pc before.

The laptop specs are athlon 64x2 1.70ghz

vid card nvidia 8400m G

1Gig ram

And 160gig hd its Sata :(

Also my board is a nforce 560 any drivers????

What happens is i can get into the install part but cant find my hd only the dvdrom drive which is pata i think.

Ive tryed partitioning it to fat32 still doesnt work just cant find the HD at all does anyone have any ideas? any way around this is it because i have a sata hd ??? any drivers or fixs for this i realy wana get this working on my lappy hopefully someone here can help me :)

thanks post away !!! :blink:

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