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Digital sound distortion in iMovie '08

Marvin Boydstun

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Hi everyone that is smarter than me (my guess is that it is everyone else on this forum)


I just got married. We used a professional videographer, who taped three DV tapes with random shots from the ceremony and the reception. In a vain moment, packed with hybris, I told the videographer that I could handle the raw material myself, since I have a kick ass MacBook Pro. But alas...


When I import the material to iMovie '08, using a Canon MVX4i, the sound comes out with what I can only interpret as a digital disturbance. It is hard to describe, and unfortenatly I deleted the imported material in a gust of technical rage - so I can't upload a sample. at least not yet. I don't believe it is the microphone that had any flaws, because the disturbance noise is more digital than technical.


I could try and import the material using different settings, but I would appreciate it immensely if anyone could share her or his wisdom with me...



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