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Turning on Bluetoooth on an IBM/Lenovo T60 2007-5TU

White Eagle

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Hi everyone!


I have an IBM 60 with Jas 10.4.9 running on it just fine except for one item - the bluetooth module does not turn on.


I've looked thru the forums, noticed a few T60 owners have bluetooth working (at least one out of the box) but see nothing describing what to do if the bluetooth does NOT come up.


The top status line shows the bluetooth symbol with a zigzag across it and the descriptor says Bluetooth: Not Available. It is enabled in the BIOS, pressing FN+F5 does nothing and the network preferences shows the bluetooth selection as grayed out so I can't select it to turn it on.


Any ideas/suggestions on how this can be turned on? I'm a bit new at this so if you can provide a step by step guide that would be great.


Thank you all for your patience and help!

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