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I love making music, especially on my computer. Currently I use FL Studio 7, and have been using FL for three years.

(A few songs I've made, just to show off a bit ^_^

Contemplation [Demo] -- IDM/Glitch

Desperation -- Rock

Open Eyes -- Techno

The Chaos Ahead -- Drum N Bass

Arise [Demo] -- Heavy Trance

Tribute To Don -- Classical/Piano

Off To War -- Classical. [Has some mastering/distortion issues]

The Taste Of Trials -- No Genre)


Well, I'm looking to branch out in programs. Should I get a midi keyboard and Reason 4.0, or should I try GarageBand '08, or possibly Abelton Live 7? Is there another one you'd recommend?


(Plus, I'd love input on the music I already have made. ^_^)

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