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nvidia 7900gtx


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Hello.That's what i did in my case.First I flashed the rom of my 7900GTX graphics card following stricktely instructions from aqua mac http://www.s155158671.websitehome.co.uk/.Don' forget to save your rom before making ay changes.It would be better to compare the new rom from aqua mac with the original one, before flashing it in order to see if it is recognized.In my case I had to shorter the name for 512m.rom instead of 7900GTX512m.rom to be recognized.Another web page where you can find information on how to back up,flash or compare your graphics card rom is:http://nvinject.free.fr/512Mb.html.I strongly insist on being meticulous with this procedure because you can kill your card.

Once the graphics card is flashed with the new rom,it will be recognized by Leopard,Then you have to install the nvinject 0.2.1 driver from http://nvinject.free.fr/downloads.php , using its easy instal nvinject dmg file.Then you will have to restart and you will be able to use your 7900 GTX graphics card with full resolution capability.

Thanks to everybody for this excellent forum. :whistle:

I forgot to say that the new flashed rom did'nt affect at all at my Windows driver and works ok with my XP OS.

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