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Login window crashes on Leopard


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Hi Installed kalyway leopard after the installation everything went smooth. Filled up all the info & when i tried to login, the login window doesn't load the desktop. It comes back to login window. can any one help to fix this issue?


Thanks in advance


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I had the same experience, and through many hours of installing, reinstalling and watching the procedure in verbose mode, I finally picked up on the 'hitches'.


First - UPGRADE from a fresh install of Tiger. But BEFORE doing so, go to "Users" in the System Preferences panel. Open the lock icon, and click on "Login Options". Enter your password when prompted. Set "Automatic Login" to DISABLED. Select (check) "List of Users" and select (check) "Show the Restart, Sleep, and Shutdown Button". options. Leave all other options deselected (unchecked).


Begin the install FROM your desktop! Go to your DVD drive, insert the ToH dvd, when the "Leopard" icon appears - open it. A box will appear with a Leopard install icon. Double click on the install icon. You should get a huge window prompting you to install.Click install, and enter your password when prompted. The system will restart.


The Darwin prompt will come up on the black and white boot screen, and ask you to hit any button to install OSX. Don't hesitate. As soon as you see the prompt hit "Enter". The upgrade installation will begin.


Will it say that it is performing an upgrade? No. But that is exactly what will happen. The system will load a bunch of stuff into memory. You will watch it do this on the black and white screen.


Leave the computer alone while it does its work! Even if you must wait a while. Just have patience. If you wish - you may chant "Nam yo ho reng ge kyo" and do relaxing breathing routines during this process. You will not need to "help" it along until the blue screen appears and asks you what language you want to use. If you have been able to follow these instructions up to this point you will most likely choose "English". If English (Farsi,Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, or anything else) is your native language - go make yourself a nice cup of tea (or pour a generous glass of wine if you like). You will need to stay at your computer during the remainder of the installation.


If prompted again, enter your password. You should now see the cosmic Leopard wallpaper appear on your screen with a congratulatory message. This is a lie! Now you must be extremely vigilant.


For the next 'who knows how long' you will need to sit in front of your machine, and move the mouse in a clockwise direction every minute or so to keep the installation from freezing. SERIOUSLY - If you don't keep the mouse moving, the installation will simply 'time out', 'go to sleep', stop.


I chose to move the mouse clockwise in forward moving circles because the status bar moves left to right. Going counter clockwise seemed ... well, counter intuitive. Veteran Mac users will understand. "Nubes" and Windows refugees will just have to take my word for it.


If all goes well, and you have followed the path (and I haven't left anything out), after a long time, your installation will finish. Keep that mouse circling until it does!


When the time comes you will see a big green checkmark -let the computer (your newly minted Mac) reboot on its own. IGNORE the black and white darwin prompt as it asks you if you want to install OSX (You just did that! Computers can be soooo stupid). After a reboot you will get a grey screen, then a blue screen. Patience... Patience. A login window will appear. Enter your password. Bingo! Leopard unfolds on your screen in all of it's cosmic glory.


BTW - If OSX can't see your internal DVD drive, try installing from an external USB DVD drive.


Good luck pioneers!

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