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Your thoughts on building a very stable, powerful Quad Core system for both Windows & Mac OSX.

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Hello everyone

I have been browsing this board for quite sometime and have learned a lot!

It is time I started participating!

I've read about some interesting homebrew setups, but am unable to answer this question without asking it.


I am interested in building a new system for myself. I have always used PC's, but have recently been drawn to mac after using it a few times at a friends, and i really enjoy my iphone. What would be the best parts for the system to ensure the most stability in both windows and in osx? The computer will be my main computer. And I will want to run Photoshop, etc, final cut pro for frequent video editing, pro tools, etc,

I am certain I want it to be Quad core. 4 gigs of memory, a decent video card, etc

I already have my eye on an extra Antec Sonata II for the case, and i have plenty of decent power supplies, hard drives, etc.


So, if you were doing it, what would you build?


as a prelim to asking you guys, I have been eyeballing a few particular parts, but am open to change by all means.


Motherboard: Intel D975XBX2

Processor: Intel Q6600 G0 stepping

Memory: 4 gb DDR800

Video: Nvidia 7900GS KO

DVD: Pioneer DVR-111D


I'd like the system to be fully upgradeable and as long-lasting as possible.


Thanks in advance



- Dan

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I don't think you'll find a better solution right now for running both OS's. There are plenty of newer technology motherboards out there, but not all are quite as easily compatible out of the box with OSX86. The latest, greatest is not always the best solution when experimenting. I've been extremely pleased with my setup and it's been well tested. I haven't found a recent OSX86 release that doesn't work well on it. Your 7900GS is an upgrade that I'm looking into for my system. The 256mb card should work perfectly with Natit v02...the 512mb card will need to have its rom flashed. Go for it.

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