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registering logic studio


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  • 4 weeks later...

I just registered over the phone with apple so I could get support, it was no problem( I would never use online registration for a hackintosh). The only trouble I ran into was when the support technician wanted to know what kind of computer I'm running logic 8 on.


Hmmmm? core2duo mac pro?, imac core2duo with two screens and multiple hard drives inside? I settled on imac in order to not to get into trouble talking about something I've never used. :(


I strongly recommend using the technical support for logic as you only have 90 days. Call them everyda if you want. They will answer your questions and teach you many tricks.


Learned that all I have to do is press the letter v in order to get all the plugin windows to disappear.


I also found out that logic 8 can't make a perfect stereo file loop like protools and recycle because it's pencil tool is not sample accurate for creating the zero point.


The technician said I should contact logic to inform them about the lack of precision

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