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Acpi problems


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Ok, so just for one last final time before I give up on my persuits of OSX beautification, is there any way to completely, totally and utterly gut or sidestep ACPI in the kernel?


I've got the XxX 10.4.10 and Kalyway 10.4.10 install DVDs


Before you harp and ask, yes I've searched the forums, platform=x86pc doesn't work, -x -f , doesn't work, -s -x -f doesn't work or any combinations of the above ..... is there a kext or any other fancy magic that could get a pc with a borked ACPI bios (damn you M$) to boot. There aren't any switches in the bios for it and no other bioses available other than the crappy manufacturers, and for the record I've played with all the power settings in the bios to try to sidestep it, with no dice.


Any help at all or any sagely advice??

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