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geforce 6800

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i have a geforce 6800 ultra in my dell laptop. when i try to install drivers for my graphics card, the only one i can get to work is the macvidia drivers that dont offer the full graphical support. when i install titan or natit, the system hangs at loading the loginwindow.app. when i went in and changed the geforce kexts before i copied them over and did all the permissions/deleting kextcache {censored} my system loaded a bluish (well it was more of a periwinkle) screen and the mouse flashed on it once and disappeared. the system seemed to respond to stimuli as there was hdd activity when i clicked the mouse around and such.


any ideas on how i can fix this so that i can get full graphics support on my laptop display?


(ps any thing involving BIOS aint gonna work cuz dell gave me absolutely no control over my hardware. i honestly dont understand why they have a way to enter setup mode if you cant setup your computer using it.)

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