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MSI P35 Neo-F / Core 2 Duo - no boot/immediate restart

Rik Brown

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Hi there. I'm having problems booting the JaS 10.4.8 OS X install DVD on this system (full specs listed at end of post).


Basically, when booting from a SATA DVD-RW drive, nothing will happen. It tries to read the disk, then hangs on a blinking cursor for up to half a minute, then just boots from the HDD. (notably, neither Windows or Linux can see the contents of this DVD from the SATA drive).


I put in an older IDE DVD drive, and voila, I see the Darwin boot: prompt. Unfortuantly, a few seconds after telling it to boot, the system simply fails and restarts. No time to see any error message at all!


EDIT: it restarts when it gets to "Loading Darwin/86" or something like that. Also tried with XxX DVD and same issue occurs.


Any ideas what could be the problem?



Mobo: MSI P35 Neo-F Socket 775 FSB1333

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

Gfx: NVIDIA Geforce 7800GT 256mb

HDD: 500gb SATA

DVD drive: either SATA/IDE (as described)

Memory: 2GB DDR2

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