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Troubles with harddisk after installation

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First of all: in the old situation I had 2 harddrives running windows XP, one sata, one ata.

I tried to install OSX86 with new partition table created with disk utility in the installer.

OSX86 said there were some installation errors, but couldn't find a detailed view of the errors, so I rebooted...

The computer freezes while checking the connections. It says it has found the harddrive and dvd correctly, but then it stops.

I can't get into the bios ^_^


So after that, I thought it was a harddrive error. So I tried the ATA harddisk.

Same story! :)


What to do now? I don't know how to reset the harddrives (or erase the partition table).

Really strange situation here, can someone help me out please?

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