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New Ipod classic on 10.4.5(osx86)

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Well I on 10.4.5 I have yet to find a stable version of anything above 10.4.5 to work with my hardware..But the new Itunes needs me to have 10.4.7 to install 7.04 so I can sncy my new ipod to it..Anything I can do...I also I read a whole back that I cant use songbird or amarok on my new ipod is this still true or have the have found out how to get by that...



Or you can just point to me to a file name of the newest osx86 sse2 so I can google and download it just as long as it stable....

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Hi Vanden:


I'm facing a similar dilemma with my system as well. I custom-built my machine in Summer 2006 with specs based on OSx86 10.4.6. Everything (Graphics, Sound, Networking, Wireless, etc) works perfectly on the machine out-of-the-box. Currently, I have an iPod Nano 2G but I was thinking of purchasing new iPod Touch (for CoverFlow and Portable Safari).


I updated by iTunes 7.2 and QuickTime Player 7.1.5 so I can play videos purchased from iTunes Store. I'd like to make to leap to higher version of OSx86 but all have proven unstable on various hardware (Dell Inspiron 1300, Dell Optiplex GX-260 and even my MSI mPC 915).


You are correct. You will need 10.4.7 or higher to install iTunes 7.4.x and then sync your iPod Classic.


Anyone have any suggestions or tips?


--danyel :P

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