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P35-DS3P Going great guns

andrew h

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I really can't complain -



GT 7600GT

6750 C2Duo


10.4.10 OSX

8.9.1 kernel


Running great, everything working.


Just one thing - I need to boot with the flag -legacy, because if I don't I see '64 bit enabled' during the boot (hey that's good) - but then a kernel panic (something about 'in a 64 bit state')


Question 1 - am i missing out on a lot?

Questin 2 - what have I not done to enable the system to boot in 64 bit?


thanks for any hints

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64 bit in Tiger is negligible. Maybe in Leopard it will be more of an issue. There aren't that many apps that take advantage of it. I think you're fine without it.



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