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So I've been an avid fan of OSX since its inception and I've always owned PCs with a Unix flavor. I recently picked up a mac mini and while I love it, the horsepower it (doesn't) have dissapoints me, and I can't seem to cough up 3-4k for a computer I know I can build for 25% of that. In comes a hackintosh...


I've talked to a few people local in my area who have thrown one together as per what components actually work. I'd really like to build a system around what actually works instead of heavy experimentation. Thus far, here's what I'm thinking.


CPU Intel C2D E6550

Mobo: Gigabyte 965-?

Video: ati sapphire x850 (suposedly known to work well?)

Memory: 4G

HDD: WD SataII 250G


I've searched the forums and see different opinions on what works/what doesn't. I'd most likely be using the latest of two different images (10.4.10) on this machine. Instead of finding out what "might" work. Can someone suggest an ideal machine that will be dependable, smoking fast, and will install without having to rub a magic genie lamp?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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