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vmware install to partition, disk utilities can't Erase the partition

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I'm trying to install OSX via a bootable DVD. My laptop (a thinkpad X61t tablet) doesn't have a DVD drive., so I'm installing with VMWare. The disk boots and seems to run normally.


When I get to select destination, I use disk utilities to try to erase the partition. The partition is there, I select it, choose erase, rename it (optimistically to Macintosh HD) and click erase. The operation does not take long in comparison to what I would expect for a format of a 6GB partition. Then it tries to mount the partition. It hangs for a short while, then goes back to the disk utility screen. Nothing is different there or when I quit out and am back to disk selection.


I've looked at a number of guides - they all read the same after awhile. The partition is selected with independent-persistent.


Any ideas on what I need to do to be able to install to this partition?




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It's nice to be able to answer your own questions, but maybe it means you didn't work hard enough the first time...


The first part of the solution is to delete the partition that was on there. It had type Linux and it wasn't being recognized by the Mac Disk Utils. When I changed it to type AF (using fdisk on a USB installed version of GParted) it installed fine.


Now I'm trying to figure out why EasyBCD 1.7 won't recognize the Mac Partition. Or rather, it seems like everything is fine, but when I reboot to MacOS, all I get is a "can't find..." error...

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