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Remote Desktop over WWW Proxy

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Hi all,


So here's a challenge to my trusty osx86 thinkers.


I am in an environment where i am behind an MS ISA Server that only allows outgoing HTTP port 80 and HTTPS port 443.


And I want to remote desktop to my home computer.


Windows XP Workstation --> ISA Server --> Internet --> Home Router --> Home computer (Windows 2003)


I'm not sure of the best approach here...


I have been using various approaches with little and no success. Either i am not doing it properly or something.


1. LogMeIn:


Just in case, I have tried LogMeIn - I like remote desktop rather than remote controlling my computer for all to see.


2. HTTP-Tunnel + FreeCap:


Remote Desktop --> FreeCap --> HTTP-Tunnel --> ISA Server --> Internet --> Home router and computer


I have tried HTTP-Tunnel - which now supports NTLM authenication thru the ISA Server and it worked.


In addition, I used FreeCap for Remote Desktop to go thru HTTP-tunnel via a different port, say 1080.


But somehow, RDP/FreeCap doesnt get thru somewhere with HTTP-Tunnel and ISA Server.


(This setup has worked in a non-ISA Server environment).


3. desproxy + NTLM Authenication Proxy Server


Remote Desktop --> FreeCap --> Desproxy --> NTLMAPS --> ISA Server --> Internet --> Home router and computer


I'm not sure this setup is right...


I checked NTLMAPS logs and it gives the following header message:

HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required ( Access is denied. )



4. What other alternatives?


Is there another application other than FreeCap I can use?


Any experiences with tunnelling with ISA Server?


What other approaches can be done?


Anyone got a solution?


Many thanks in advanced.

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Have you configured your router to forward the remote desktop ports to your computer?

I have my network set up so I can remote boot any computer in my house and remote desktop the windows computers, and ssh the linux and macs.

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