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OC'ing w/ 1st Gen Macbook Pro..


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So I was just wondering,


I noticed that all of the OC'ing done on first generation macbook pros were done on XP. I've installed the ATI Tools 0.25 Beta14 and tested out the settings It said it excludes vista but I was able to get the app running. Here's the catch: the clock and ram readings are a bit off. I read up by others that their default settings were 313/270 as it generally was intended by apple (something about them underclocking the GPU excessively to maintain noise pollution). In anycase, I have default readings of 415/445. Is this right? Does Vista raise the core and ram settings up a notch from XP or do they stay the same and this is just some misread by the tool?


Look forward to your thoughts, ladies and gents.

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