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Black Screen After Wake Workaround

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After reading alot on this forum and other various mac forums I came up with this.


Anyways, my laptop is a Dell e1405 and I was having trouble after shutting my laptop's lid and my screen being black, audio was working fine, it's as though my screen was not "wakeing up" after I opened it. I do think other people here have the same problem as me.


I would like to see something come off of this like some sort of script to be ran upon opening your laptops' screen.


This is kind of simple so here it goes,


Before closing your lid goto the apple icon in the upper left.

Click System Preferences.

Click Displays.

Then it should open and you should see different screen sizes hover over one (1280x800) in my case.

Then close your lid.

Open your lid and left click a couple times and you should see your screen come back.


This is a weird work-around but it works.


Can anyone else replicate this? I would like to see something come off of this like a applescript to refresh your screens resolution after your lid opens.

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