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Triple Boot: XP,Ubuntu and MAC


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Right now I am able to triple boot those three OS via Grub bootloader. But I'm trying to load the xp and ubuntu in Mac via Parallels Desktop. I have 1 harddisk with different partitions in each OS. When tried to load xp via Parallel Desktop. Ive already edited the ".pvs" and added "disc0s1" at the end of disk image = Boot Camp. When I tried to run the XP it says "Grub Grub Grub". My screen is filled with Grub. I tried to reinstall XP and now my Grub bootloader is gone. Im now booting on MAC OS but now the error in loading xp via Parallel Desktop is "Error Loading Operating System".


How do I configure this? Is there a way I can Triple boot xp,ubuntu and mac and at the same time able to load xp and ubuntu in parallels desktop?


Help is appreciated

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