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Apple Keyboard doesn't work after Mac Os reboot


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I have a weird problem. I bought new slim Apple Keyboard some time ago and succesfully used it in Vista. Everything was working very well, even in BIOS. Few days ago I installed 10.4.8 JAS distro to AMD 3800 X2, A8N Premium, NForce4, XFX 7900 GT without any problems. Keyboard was working until I rebooted Mac OS. After that it doesn't work in BIOS, I have to start Vista first (it's the default in boot loader), shutdown Vista and only after that I can use keyboard in boot manager (Vista one) to choose MacOs. I have another USB keyboard which works just fine everywhere (Vista, MacOS, BIOS).


I found Apple Keyboard Software Update 1.2 and thought it may fix my problems. I downloaded and modified package file to install on 10.4.8, it worked for iWork 08 but in this case it didn't. Installation went fine but after reboot, it hanged.


I installed 10.4.10 tubgirl test version. And immidietely tried update. It hanged with the same symptoms. Well, no luck for me. Now I'm using 2 keyboards, one to choose MacOs in boot manager.


Is there a magic switch which will keep my Apple Keyboard working all the time?


Please. Thanks.

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