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Nothing connecting to the internet, except Skype?!

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This is kinda urgent!


My girlfriend is in Australia for 3 weeks until the 24th, and so i've been using skype to be able to call her every so often.


But now, nothing else will connect to the internet. Skype connects fine, but msn, firefox, IE, and anything else web based will not. The troubleshooter on msn tells me that the DNS and Key Ports arent configured correctly, and FF and IE just cant find any pages, period.


Ive tried everything from specifying the DNS servers in the connection itself, to setting up a proxy from within FF/IE/MSN, to just telling it to have a direct connection to the internet... I'm all out of ideas - ive done everything I can think of..


Its quite important that whatever solutions people come up with, that it doesnt affect how skype works, especially for the next 3 weeks, as thats our only means of communication!!





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