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November 12


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I've been researching a new system for a few months now and have read millions (slight exaggeration) of articles on insanelymac about setting up an osx86 and had one major question...


I'm looking to build this system



p5k deluxe

radeon x19??xt(x?) 512mb

500gb sata

4gb (1x4) 800 mhz ddr2

coolermaster centurion 5

corsair 520w modular

misc. dvd writer


i'm planning on using this setup to run final cut pro and edit some monster high definition videos...


my question is should i expect any sort of price drop on november 12 when the penryn comes out? i was a huge fan of the mid/late summer drop of pentiums but i'm greedy for a cheapish awesome computer


i was also wondering if anyone had input for any better components or had any other info about a possible price drop of something else related to my list...i've noticed that ddr2 has dropped quite a bit in the last month...i have until late december to build this and i'm not really looking for anything much more spectacular than this (although when those penryns come out i'll be sad to get some 'old' technology)

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Nope that IS a monster machine.

And i would myself be interested in hearing how your build will go.


About the penryn, its nice (like all new things). But it aint that revolutionary that you have to wait until NEXT year.

In november you'll see the 12mb cache Extreme ghz, monster (will set you back 1K).

So for the same price you can build a whole system almost :(




here you can read about it. I will PERHAPS go for the Q9550, but the q6600 is very well priced.

Its your choice, but you could build a smaller system as well, and wait yet again...

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