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windows XP wont boot on second drive after partitioning in OSX


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Second post :)


I have on 1 drive OSX and on the other win XP installed.

OSX drive is a 74 gig raptor and the Win drive is a 250 gig maxtor.


I made a 15 gig win partition and another 50 gig for win data.

After this I partition the remaining size for OSX data. one 70 gig restore data for OSX and the other for, well, OSX data ^_^


I did not format the partitions in win xp cause OSX would just recognize it for partitioning.



Here's the dealio,


Partitioning went fine in OSX no problems, but AFTER a reboot i got the cant find blabla .plist thing.

Hit F8, want to boot to first partition, Win XP, nope, nothing happend.


So my thought is that OSX mess with the MBR after a partitioning in OSX.



How can I fix this?

thanx in advance.





p5b dlx wifi


2 gig




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