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osx86 on a Sun w2100z opteron64


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hey all, i have successfully installed 10.4.6 on my sun w2100z workstation specs and an nvidia fx3000 agp 8x video card.

the onboard audio was a little tricky amd-811 ac97 but found a solution on this site.

my intent is is run osx86 specifically for final cut pro and shake. anyway, upon install, final cut tells me it requires an agp card and shake tells me it needs opengl. i've been told i need to run at least 10.4.8 or higher for opengl and i can correct the agp issue possibly by using the AGPgart 2.0 for amd. Now, i have obtained what i think is tubgirls 10.4.10 install build but i have had no success installing it. i can get through the install but on first boot the following error comes up just before the white text starts scrolling infinitely. refer to pic 1 for the error and pic2 for the scrolling text. obviously it's hard to take a piture of moving text but i can make out a few things. e.g. 'getty repeating too quickly on port' i'm not sure i have the correct install disk for amd so could this be the problem? does this make sense to anyone out there? and how can i verify if i do have tubgirls version? thanks in advance.


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