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share internet between desktop and laptop


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Ok, so, I have a Linksys wireless G router in my basement, and a desktop upstairs. the desktop is running Windows Vista Ultimate. the desktop has a PCI wireless G adaptor. I also have a laptop, the laptop is running JaS OSX 10.4.8, and the wireless card I have isn't compatable, however, the built in ethernet port is, and I was able to get internet by connecting the laptop to my router via a ethernet cable, though, this is a very impractical way for me to connct to the internet with it in my home. what I wanna do, is connect my laptop to the desktop vie a ethernet cable, and have both computers share the connection from the PCI wireless adaptor, is this possible?? if so, how do i do it? or where do I get started?


any and all help is greatly appreciated!



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