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adobe flash player?


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yo people-



I have been toying with several different configs and distros for my acer 3680 for the past week. All I was trying to accomplish was a cheap laptop running OS X, and I am pretty close. Using JAS 10.4.7, and some KEXT from uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i I have gotten really close to bliss.



I know that you have to apply patches to some adobe software like the creative suites, but does this apply to flash as well? I installed flash and immediately Camino would crash on any page using flash, same with firefox. I repaired disk permissions and rebooted and got the screen of death. So, I booted in safe mode and uninstalled flash and all is well now, minus flash support.


How does one get flash support on a hackintosh? I have been using macs for so long that I am really used to things just working, instead of working a lot to get things kind of working. None the less I am learning about OS X.


So if anyone would like to break it down for me, please do.

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