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weird problem while scrolling after video card

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I just changed my video card from a ati radeon x740 128mb to a whooping 8500gt 256mb. The graphic card really rocks in vista, my render times in 3d max are just a fraction of what they were, about 4 times faster. Everthing else rocks really all the way, but only in vista and xp, unfotunately.


in osx i still have the prob that i don't have QE en CI supported, but i can live with that, i don't really bother, i just love the os and am willing to take that issue.




after changin the card i can't seem to scroll anymore. The strange thing is, when watching a movie, or typing this text, i get a direct response on the screen for the actions i take. In the dock i can smooth use the magnification, ... but when using the blue scroll bar, or when draggin windows around, the image remains, and just the top part or the lower part, dependant wether i am scrolling up or down, just remains the same. When draggin a windwo i can still see the active part, like in the itunes mini player i can see the title and artist and that litlle time line bar, but the grey part just dissappears while dragging. Really strange


does anyone know what the problem is? I really want to keep the vid card, it rocks and i need it for school (3d and stuff)


i will post screens and a vid if i can figure it out how to record soon, so you guys can understand what the problem is, it is really annoying.




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i solved the problem.


lean sent me a PM where he said i must remove the kexts nvdanv40hal and nvdarresman from the extensions list, and it solved the prob.


of course i still don't have QE and CI, but i can live without (preferably with if someone finds a way, ...)


thx for the fast help

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