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Cursor / Mouse issues after fullscreen gaming -- dissapearing mashed cursor -- help!


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Hi there.


I must say so far I have a completely working 10.4.10 installation on my Inspiron 9400, with sound and sleep working. I have not ran into ANY problems, except of course, for this one.


When running many games (such as Settlers 2, many of the bigfish or popcap games) as well as SNES9X (SNES emulator) in full screen mode, after returning back to OS X, my mouse cursor is gone. What is displayed is basically a mash of small little dots and lines horizontally, most likely wehere the cursor should be. I can navigate with these lines, as the cursor is somewhere within one of these dots/lines, but it is VERY difficult to pinpoint, as these lines keep fluctuating and moving with each move of the mouse.


The only way to remedy this, is to reboot the system.


I am going to try to post a screenshot of what happens, but it is very difficult to work in Finder once this issue occurs.


Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, how can it be fixed? I have searched many forums and googled my brains out, but I can not find any related issues.


Any insight would be SERIOUSLY helpful, as I am a serious gamer as well as a serious worker, and to reboot after every game to get back into work mode is a serious inconvenience.




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