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more resolutions for external display - how ?


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Grafics wise, the only thing not perfect yet are the resolutions of my external display when mirrored: the highest one which is not stretched or off track with the mouse pointer is 1344 x 840, which is kind of an odd resolution, esp. for a 22". I would like to run the display @ 1440 x 900, but that resolution is not in the list for the external, only for the internal Laptop, but choosing it there leeds nowhere. Is there anything I can do about that, editing some plist or so, or will I patiently have to wait for the grafics gods :( ?


My Grafics specs: NVidia GeForce GO 7600, with 10.4.9 grafics kexts + either Natit Dual 0.2 or NVInject 009.


Thanks & cheers,


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