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Clone OS X with Acronis True Image


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So after trying alomst every single backuptool with null as result I almost gave up. Either it wasnt bootable at all or the disk wasnt recognized by OS X. So when I was backing up my Vista-install, using Acronis True 10 Home, i stumbled upon something i didnt see a couple days before. In the list with my recognized disks there was my osx disk to. I realized i had just install MacDrive and all my OSX disks where now visible. I gave it a shot and hey it worked like a charm. So basically if no other thing works try this method to get a fully bootable osx86 backup.

The only downside is that the usb-version of acronis doesnt support mac-drives so you have to have a windows install.


This is how i did it.

1. Made a clone of my Vista disk from SATA2 (lets call it SATA2disk) to an IDE (lets call this one IDEvista)

2. Booted of IDEvista with error as result.

3. Rebooted and popped in Vista install DVD an made a repair.

4. Bootet of IDEvista and no problem occured. Logged in and everything seem fine. Vista didnt even put up a fight about beeing on a new disk.

5. Started acronis again but now from IDEvista.

6. Made a clone from another IDE (with mac osx on it) to the SATA2

7. Rebooted into SATA2 with no problem at all :)


So if youre having problems making bootable clones try this method.


I take no responsibility all when you try this method!!



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