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HardWare Issues

Paulo Mota

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Hi, i all ready install the Mac Os X 10.4.6, but i have some problem with the hardware detection, my TV Card, the Nforce Gigabit LAN and the P/S2 keyboard Dont Work; my DVD burner work only as a DVD-rom, and my Video card works only in 2D graphics none of the 3d efect's works.




a worked Link to download de MacVidia Ndrivers or Titan.

a P/S2 kext. or something......



This is my PC Speficication:


Asus M2N-E SLI

AMD Athlon X2 64-bit 3800+ 2.00Ghz Overclock 2.7Ghz :P

2GB DDR2 Dual 677mhz. :P

PNY Ge-Force 7300 GS PCI-e 256MB DDR2 with TurboCache 512MB

TV CARD - Advantek Networks NTSC and PAL ATV-TUNER-F

1 DVD Burner Ben-Q DW1640

1 Lite-on DVD-Rom

1 Maxtor 250GB IDE

1 Maxtor 320GB IDE

1 Maxtor 40GB IDE (Primary MAC OS X)

1 Maxtor 80GB IDE (primary Windows)


Ps2 Keyboard

USB Mouse

Monitor DELL 19' Triniton

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