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Powerbook Ti 15" no display, white only


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I've just picked up a Ti powerbook 15" for £100 second hand.


The thing seems to be working fine except for the LCD panel. This lights up completely white but displays no picture. Using an external monitor on the DVI connector everything displays fine.

I've used detect displays which thinks everything is good with both displays and lets me flick between mirrored and dual display states, but causes no change to the LCD.

I've tried reseting using the little button under the keyboard and also doing an apple-option-p-r and letting it 'bong' several times before stopping and this hasn;t made a difference.

The person I got this from butchered the cover for the LCD in a monkeyfisted attempt to start diagnosing it, so I can see the 'data' cable (as the lcd cable appears to be called when googling) and with a visual inspection it seems okay.


I'm still fairly new to mac hardware so I've exhausted the googling available to me, so I'm looking for help trying to diagnose what's up here before I start spunking money away on replacement bits in vain hopes.


I appreciate the tangential probs of having no proper covers for the screen, but I'll deal with that once I have the panel showing a picture again ;)

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