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FSB bus speed 200 ?


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Hello I have one hakintosh that works fine, but there is no way that can put the correct speed of the bus, he is always fsb 200,

My computer is the TYAN tEMPEST 5000xt 2696 WHIT TWO XEON 5050 3Ghz 667 fsb.

I have updated to version 10.4.9, and soon to the 10.4.10, and nothing follows the bus 200. I have proven everything what I have found in internet forum, to put in com.apple.Boot.plist string fsb=166, or "- z" in its place and anything follows the bus 200.

Some of you can help me? so that it works of one you see by all 667?

Greetings and thanks.

SORRY MY ENGLISH please !!!!

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