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IOATAController device blocking bus


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I got the mac 10.4.9 called uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3. I used Vmware to install mac onto my harddrive than edited my boot.ini with the chain0 file.


When I startup the MAC in windows boot menu. I typed -v to read what the problem was and I got this:


"IOATAController device blocking bus" x20

Rdisk0s5 I/O Time out


I read uptop and it detected my harddrive and chipset. So I can't see why it says this?


I rebooted again and type -v rd=disk0s5 (like it says in boot menu) and I get the samething.


My chipset etc is Biostar 550 (MCP 550) and a maxtor SATA1 120GB with 10gb partition to MAC and the rest for windows.


In the mac setup I selected the Nforce 4 ATA for drivers that said it was also recommended for Nforce 5xx chipsets.


Can anyone help me with this. I really want to run mac on my system but I get that error when trying to bootup ?


Thanks matthew B

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