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Speakable Items quirks and questions


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I'm a recent switcher, and this is my first post on these forums, so if these questions are stupid and/or in the wrong place, my apologies in advance.


Got myself a new Macbook Pro, and there are tons of things I love about it. I just recently discovered Speakable Items, which are really neat. However, it seems to be behaving badly for me. I'll list off a few problems below...


#1: First time I enabled it, the ability to speak Menu Items worked. After a reboot, the functionality is still listed as enabled (checked)... but in my Speech Commands list, Menu Items doesn't show up.


#2: Multiple copies of the "Switch to" commands show up under my Speech Commands list for some applications. I've got 2x"Activity Monitor", 5x"Azureus", 3x"Finder", 7x"Firefox", 2x"iCal", 3x"SpeakableItems", 2x"Stickies", and 9x"System Preferences". Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?


#3: With iCal, I like the speakable "set alarm for X minutes" feature, but it constantly gets the wrong number of minutes... and I can't find the configuration options to change it. A preferable alternative is to write Applescript custom alarms, like "Set coffee alarm" to make one for 4 minutes titled "Coffee done"... but have no idea how to interact with Applescript to do so.



Finally, one that's about Applescript instead of Speakable Items:


#4: Is there a good Applescript tutorial on the net someone could link me to? I loved using AutoIt for Windows, and I'm sure I'd like using Applescript as well... particurally if I can simulate keypresses and mouse movements for repetitive tasks. Is there a guide for this functionality (if it exists)?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!



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