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Some of this has already been discussed, but so as to separate this discussion from the Dell E520 and hopefully reinvigorate help.


The 82562V is classified by Intel in the 8255x family, being called similar to 82557. In my searches I've found that Uphuck v1.4 r3 shows an ethernet connection in the system profiler (I'm not convinced that means anything). 10.4.3 IONetworkingFamily loads AppleIntel8254x.kext and Intel8255x.kext and both say that they can't find acceptable versions of IONetworkingFamily for its dependencies. I have tried editing the info.plist file for 8255x to use 1.5 IONetworkingFamily and it didn't make a difference. 82562EZ works with 8255x.kext but I could not enter my Vendor and Product IDs and have it work, mine is 0x104c8086. Currently, I'm looking into 10.4.7 IONetworkingFamily, but don't hold much hope.


It really seems like it should be possible. Is the EZ all that different from the V?




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