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Installing OSX


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I need help installing OSX on my dell laptop. I used imgBurn at the lowest speed to burn the iso to a DVD-R. I tried to install OSX with the DVD, but I started to get something like SAM read or write error. If I´m able to get to the language selection screen I also get an error of a missing file, so the setup cannot start. After several attempts I´m able to get to the installer itself and start the installation, but once again I get stuck at some part of the installation with a message like "retry installation".


After that frustrating experience I tried to install OSX using VMWare and Daemon. I was able to install OS X and restart an OS X session in VMWare. But when I tried to open for the second time the virtual machine, I got an error. After that i downloaded the chain0 file to C, and tried to boot to OSX, but AGAIN i got an error, B0 error.


In my case, what should I do? Try to burn the image with a different software, or try again with VMWare.

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