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Bootloader problem on my Ubu7.04/OSx86 Dual-Boot Installation


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Hi. I think this is my first post here after having signed up months ago and then drifting away after learning about the inconveniences with OSx86 on an nForce4 motherboard. I've since bought a new laptop and I'm trying again, with more success, but I'm not where I'm looking to get yet.



Install Ubuntu 7.04 and Macintosh OSX 10.4.8 on an Acer Aspire 5630-6288 laptop.



1. Ext3 - Ubuntu 7.04

2. Linux Swap

3. HFS+ - Macintosh OSX 10.4.8

4. Ext3 - Free Space


Using this installation guide that the OSx86 wiki directed me to, I got as far as completing the Mac OSX installation onto the third partition, and rebooting cleanly. As expected, OSX boots up (quite perfectly) without asking me about Linux.


Here's where following the installation guide fails me (or perhaps I failed to follow the guide?). The installation guide says:


Boot into Ubuntu afterwards. You may have to use Gparted again to set the partition bootable. Once your in, edit the file (in root) using nano /boot/grub/menu.1st Add entries for OSx86 and Windows XP if it's not already there as it is important. If you don't know how to use it, use this free tool for linux to modify it easily. Look down for important info on editing it manually.


However, I attempted using GParted to set the boot flag onto my Ubuntu partition like the guide said, but then when I rebooted, nothing happened. It's as if GRUB doesn't exist on the boot sector anymore. Have I done something in the wrong order, or have I possibly used the wrong guide seeing as I was only double booting, not triple booting with Windows?


So, my choices are either boot directly into OSX with no choice of Ubuntu, or do nothing. Does anyone have any solutions?

My most relevant Specifications are as follows:


Acer Aspire 5630-6288 from Circuit City, purchased 9/12/2007

Chipset: Intel 945PM Express

Processor: Intel Core2Duo T5500

Memory: 2GB DDR2

Graphics: Intel GMA 950

Hard Drive: 160 GB SATA by Western Digital (model unknown)


I'll see if I can get back into Ubuntu to get my current GRUB menu.lst for you. Thanks in advance!

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if u have ubuntu live cd then boot from it

open the terminal and issue following commands


sudo grub


root (hd0,x)

x -> Ubuntu partiton


setup (hd0)


ur grub will be installed at MBR then u can add entry for Mac OS X


root (hd0,x)


chainloader +1


x-1 -> Mac OS X partition

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