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problem with macbook: boot and charge


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My macbook was fully charged, I went to the library and forgot to bring the charger. No big deal, it lasted a long time. Before it went to zero battery, around 3% I decided to shut it down. Then when I got back, I was going to charge it back up- when I noticed that the light on top of the charger wasnt lighting up. I was confused, and figured it might be the outlet. So I plugged it into several different outlets. Nothing. So I wanted to just turn it on anyway, I know the battery is low, but shouldn't it still turn on if there is SOME juice left? it wont.Is it just the charger faulty? Why would it magically become faulty when I do not move it from its place ever? Any help?


oh my god the reason why it wasnt starting is because i had it in my backpack, and a small piece of clear tape had covered over the port.problem fixed.

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