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Weird random freeze on Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 with uphuck 10.4.9 install


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Not sure whether it is just me or what, but after I get the installation to go through and edit the files required to get network and audio going, the system would just randomly "freezes" - sometimes taking like 5 minutes before it will unfreeze. I can see the desktop and everything, but when I double-click on anything, it will just freeze - I can move the mouse around, and eventually the "thinking" or "loading" icon will pop up. Is it because the network "hack" I have to do to get the internal network to work is screwing up?


Another problem I am having is getting the IDE DVD drive to work (I have a SATA burner, so I used that for initial installation) - I don't see the AppleVIAATA.kext file on my installation - do I have to grab it from the install DVD somewhere? Also, I cannot get OSX to recognize my JMICRON controller - as I have heard that I should've put hard drives on those particular controller ports, as it is faster, but currently, it won't boot with that.


I tried to follow the instructions on another thread on the port to hook up to, but on my motherboard, there is no such purple SATA port (Which I assume is the JMICRON controlled ports, as there is only two of those).


Any help on this would be appreciated. Trying to download JAS 10.4.8 DVD to see if it helps, but it's taking forever :D

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