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Dual boot on Hp dv9000 can't see osx HD


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I have 2 HD in this laptop

HD1 has 2 partition (HP-recovery) and os where vista is installed

I followed the steps. an installed osx on hd 2 , but after restarting vista just starts up, not osx ... end of tutorial for me ?


In vista i can't see the OSX HD in explorer, i still see this HD in hd management but i can't change annything.

So i also can't select hd 2 in easyBCD.

-> i can't dual boot...


Sombody can help me out here ?

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You can't see the OS X hard drive in Explorer because Windows doesn't understand the format of the drive (the same thing would happen if you installed Linux). You need a program called MacDrive for Windows to be able to read and write to your OS X hard drive.


As for dual booting, you can try Acronis. The latest version supports Vista, and although it sees OS X as an "Unknown Operating System", it will boot it. You might even look in your BIOS to see if you can simply select the second hard drive in there to boot it. That's one reason I wish I had gotten a dv9000 series instead of the dv6000 series. Two hard drives in a notebook is really cool.

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I just installed acronis...

result :


Osx hd is dtecting as a bootable drive, but wont start up

Vista is not detected ?


Should the trouble lay in de Special HP recovery partition, it looks like the laptop is starting up from out thsi partion ?

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Still no luck here

When i follow the guide , osx installer does not see the partition i made for it, i use the diskmanager (from the osx installer) to make the partion viewable in de installer. After the install my latop does not boot in osx but again in vista?

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See <http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=61254&st=0&p=437059entry437059>.


There is simply nothing more elegant & easier to use than EasyBCD. It is as though it was made for our dual drive HP DV9000's, with Vista on one drive & OSX on the other.


-> If you don't get a boot menu on startup (giving a choice between OSX & Vista), then EasyBCD screen is not being filled out (and saved) correctly.


-> If you do get the boot menu, but an error when selecting OSX, then there is a problem with your OSX install. Make certain that your OSX drive is partitioned as MBR (master boot record).




HP DV9230US 1.66 GHz Core2Duo 2GB DDR2 RAM F27 Bios w/Bluedragon1971 patch

2X 250GB (2X 233GB Formatted) WD SATA WD2500BEVS Hard Drives

Dell 1490 (Broadcom) mini-PCIE Wireless

Vista Ultimate on first HDD, formatted NTFS

OSX86 10.4.10 (Uphuck 10.4.9 1.4ir3 followed by KoolKal 10.4.10 updater) on second HDD, formatted HFS+ & MBR

Darwin Kernel 8.10.1: Wed May 23 16:33:00 PDT 2007; Sochi2014:VoteForUs/RELEASE_I386

EasyBCD BootLoader


XBench 1.3: 109.19

Working in OSX: Sleep; QE/CI/Rotation, iLife08, iWork08, Built-in speakers, Camera/PhotoBooth, Sonix WebCam Monitor, Wireless

Not working in OSX: Sound in/out other than built-in speakers (Conexant)

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